Mission Statement

Our mission is to rid our local communities of the urban decay that is plaguing our neighborhoods.
We want to bring back good old old fashion home ownership. We are cleaning up our neighborhoods.
Come join us in the fight!

Business Concept

We buy single family homes, condos, duplexes, triplexes, etc. We have a construction company that does all the rehab and maintenance on the properties we own . We work closely with the foreclosure market to help those in foreclosure save their homes either by themselves or through using our Angel Network (Investors). We work with people to help them achieve home-ownership. We will pre-qualify you for a free mortgage and we will place you in a home based program , in our community. We have a credit repair program them helps them learn what the lenders look for when it comes to your credit worthiness. We are also putting jobs in the community and will increase employment with the company's growth.

We Buy Vacant Houses

and boarded up houses in our community and we ask the banks and private owner to donate these types of houses so that we can clean up our communities and cut down on the urban blight.

We Rehab Houses

Rehabbing a house is no an easy task whether you want to tackle the work yourself or hire a contractor. Because of our compassion for people and our community, we are also willing to take on the task.

We Sell Houses

Our mission is to get these houses into the hands of low to moderate income families, the elderly, handicapped and homeless families.